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Submission info

If you'd like to submit music for The Magic Window please either send WAV or 320kbps MP3 to or by sending a Bandcamp code (This is my preferred option) I much prefer to receive albums rather than singles also, sorry I'm stuck in my ways and no amount of marketing crap from the Spotify CEO will change my mind.

If you are sending files please ensure the files include the artist name, little things like being properly tagged with meta data really help.  Please do not send links to Spotify / Apple Music etc, these get binned straight away.

Last of all please be polite and maybe tell me something about the release or yourself.  Submissions that are sent out of the blue and give no context or information are just binned.  If you can't be bothered then why should I?  You have no idea how many submissions are sent like this.

Please also do not ask for career advice, I'm just a person who enjoys music and I play what I like and what I think fits in with the theme which is typically downtempo, warped and a bit leftfield.