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The Magic Window Live

Friday 8th October we will go live on Mixcloud.  Not sure how it will go but all the tech has checked out, we have some amazing music lined up and we also have a video performance from the wonderful Apta.

I'll probably have a glass or two of wine so it could get entertaining if I start to lose control of the technology.  Heaven help us if I start a drunken patch on the modular system, I'll apologise in advance.

The plan is to do these semi regularly and hopefully we'll manage to do some from other locations soon.  Had a good chat with Fra at Werra Foxma so hoping that we get a Dohnavur performance live from WF Studios.

Anyway, I do hope you can join us on what should be an interesting night.  Cheers.

The Magic Window - Exclusive Select Mix 2

The second exclusive mix is now up on Mixcloud for supporters of the show.  Please can I stress again that this isn't about making money, the majority of the sub fees actually go to the various official bodies like the Performing Rights Society (or BMI in the USA) who distribute this as royalties to the artists that have registered their works.  This to me sounds fair and is yet another way to support these wonderfully creative people.

Anyway, this is a cracking mix that features Panama Fleets, Dohnavur, Secret Nuclear, Oceanographer, Arovane, Soul Slip, Correlations, Kh3rtis, Pulselovers, Nicholas Langley, Clocolan, 4T Thieves, Rei Nakatani, Everyday Dust, Darrg and Sulk Rooms.

Hope you enjoy.

The Magic Window On Mixcloud

So, I have created a Pro account so I can start doing live shows.  These will typically involve the same great music but it also gives an opportunity to play videos of live performances.  Look out for news of the first live show as we have a killer session from an amazing artist who has also sent the video of the performance.  Cannot wait to bring you this.

I have also setup a Select option where you can support the show, I figured this is another way to try and get some pennies in the artist's pockets. First exclusive mix is up and more will come in the form of mixes and hosted shows. Between a Pro account and a Website I'm sure I'll lose money but its a small price to pay for the platforms to share the music and get more ears on it.

As ever please do let me know your thoughts, suggestions, feedback or even criticism is welcomed (as long as it's civil)

Cheers, LFMx


Lovely to be back on Mad Wasp Radio with episode 87 of The Magic Window. This is the first of the shows in the new format, less talking and with movie excerpts in between songs I do hope that you enjoy it.  Get in touch and let me know what you think.

Excerpts between songs came from the 1965 film "Bloody Pit of Horror".

What does remain though is the quality of music and this episode was full of quality from Camp of Wolves, Shuttle358, Josefin Runsteen, Heron & Crane, Dark Fidelity Hi-Fi, Polypores, Autumna, Chaircrusher, Laur Pihel & Greta Liisa Grunberg & Andy Wiseman, Ojeras De Damita.

Labels on this episode Waxing Crescent Records, Keplar, Pacaya Records, Hibernator Gigs, Bricolage, Triplicate Records and Schole Records.

As ever please support these wonderful artists and labels. 

The amount of time it takes to put together a one hour show every week became a bit too much so we called it a day. What a way to finish though with a exclusive session from Scanner. Robin Rinbaud - super talented and a proper gentleman and boy did he deliver a real sonic journey. Listen to the archived show on the player above
Was thrilled to be asked to do a guest show on the wonderful Radio Buena Vida. These guys are relatively local to me and broadcast from a record shop. Check them out at
We had one session that hadn't been played so The Magic Window came back to make sure that people heard this wonderful session from The Metamorph. The session has since been picked up and released by Werra Foxma Records as a beautiful 10" vinyl. Get your copy at the Werra Foxma Bandcamp page