Modular World

Modular World - EP20 Spotlight Montreal

Modular World is a group that puts on shows on Youtube featuring Synthesists from around the world.

In this episode they put a spotlight on the Montreal scene and wow, it looks great.

The show starts with an intro movie that shows off Montreal well and the performances are just amazing.  Well worth a watch.

5 Things I Wish I knew

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Eurorack

A lot of what this guy is saying makes total sense.

I especially agree with getting the biggest case and power supply you can.

The sorting by favourites point is valid also but I would suggest to people new to Eurorack that favourites are a good place to start until you know what you are doing.

Cables and More Cables

Synth Cables

Quality Cables are the veins of any modular system and I have recently started using Synth Cables, a company I found online.

Their cables are really well priced, are great quality and come in a range of funky colours and lengths.

Fast delivery and great customer service, what more could you want?

New Oscillator alert