The Magic Window Live

The Magic Window Live

Yes, we are going to go live again this Friday (22nd October) at 9pm UK Time.

Another special show as we have a fantastic video mix from Invisible Plan who you will know from doing the videos for much of the Woodford Halse material.

We also have music from the likes of Goodparley & Loan Morris, Sunwarper, The Home Current, Jan Jelinek & Rupert Lally among others.

Hopefully I can get the microphone levels sorted and press all the right buttons when required.  The last one was a lot of fun, the format seemed to work with double cameras and a chat bar.  If you tuned in for that, thank you.

See you Friday, if not the audio will upload after the show.

The Magic Window 090 on Tak Tent Radio

The Magic Window on Tak Tent Radio

The Magic Window will be appearing on Tak Tent Radio monthly on the 2nd Saturday each month.  The next show will appear this Saturday (9th October) and what a show it is.

This one racks up 2 hours and includes amazing sessions from Autumna and Apta along with tracks from The Notwist (Odd Nosdam on the Remix), Camp Of Wolves, Mocky, thenever, Ben Bertrand, Rupert Lally, Bit Cloudy, Figurate, LES & Sotoyoto.

In this episode I even manage to mix two words and come up with something that makes no sense at all, did I edit it? Of course not, slick isn't what The Magic Window is about, it's about the fine music that we play.

Hope you'll tune in and I do hope you enjoy it.  Remember to support the artists if you can.  LFMx

The Colander Studio Group

The Colander Studio Group

Out now on the Colander label, little is known about who the Colander Studio Group are.  Spanning a 6 disc set, available as a set or individually this is a sonic journey like no other.

Look out for a special Magic Window show in the company of this mysterious collective.