The Magic Window

The Magic Window - Exclusive Select Mix 3

Put together especially for those who have subscribed on Mixcloud our next mix features some amazing tunes from releases coming up, some recent and some older but all pure class.

The labels on this mix are Mahorka, Over The Moon, Audiobulb, whitelabelrecs, Woodford Halse, Triplicate Records, TruthTable, Audionautic Records, Subexotic Records, No Type, Warp, Castles In Space & Spun Out Of Control, all of these should be bookmared as they are doing wonderful things.

To those that have subscribed a huge thank you, your support is very much appreciated.

Take care, LFM x

The Magic Window 090 on Tak Tent Radio

2 hours of fine music featuring sessions from Autumna and Apta.  Thanks to Emile and Barry for these sessions, both are wonderful and really show the talent that these guys have.

The Magic Window will air on Tak Tent Radio monthly on the second Saturday of the month which is brilliant, thank you to Tak Tent for having us.

So much good music on this episode such as The Notwist (Odd Nosdam on the Remix), Camp Of Wolves, Mocky, thenever, Ben Bertrand, Rupert Lally, Bit Cloudy, Figurate, LES & Sotoyoto.

Tak Tent Radio is a wonderful station and I highly recommend checking out their other shows.

As ever I hope you enjoy the music and if you like it please support the artists.

The Magic Window Live

Our first dip into doing the show live went okay, some work needed on microphone levels perhaps but generally the video side of thing worked well. I think I need another monitor so I can keep an eye on everything.

The session from Apta went down very well indeed, it was a pleasure to air this and Barry was in the chat answering questions about how he put it together.  Thanks to everyone for tuning in, we had a healthy audience wo got involved in the live chat as well.

The show is up on Mixcloud in audio format and you'll find a track list along with links to what was played.

The stream started before 9pm with some modular noises so if you want the show only please skip ahead to 25:25.


The Magic Window - An Evening In With The Colander Studio Group

This was a lot of fun to put together, 6 CDs worth of material to choose from and listening through the whole lot was quite some journey.

Foolishly I asked Darren Giddings (boss at Colander) for an introduction whose voice is as silky as it gets, couple that with a dodgy mic cable in the Magic Window studio and he has put me to shame.  Thanks though Darren, lovely to have you on the show.

Anyway, the CDs / Digital releases are all available individually or as a set, be quick though if you want a set, they are going fast and not many are left.

Colander Studio Group

Hope you enjoy this one and hope you get over to Colander and support it.

Back where it all began The Magic Window 087 will air on Mad Wasp Radio 6pm UK Time on 24th September.  

This is the first show in a new format, the show tile gives a clue as to what this is but I'm not going to say more on that.  You'll have to tune in to find out.  The repeat show will air Wednesday 1pm and we'll also post to Mixcloud and add a link here.

We do have some cracking tunes lined up including Camp of Wolves, Shuttle358, Josefin Runsteen, Heron & Crane, Dark Fidelity Hi-Fi, Polypores, Autumna, Chaircrusher, Laur Pihel & Greta Liisa Grunberg & Andy Wiseman, Ojeras De Damita.